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Losing vip status

Ever since the latest patch. I keep on losing my VIP status … even though my renewal isn’t till the 30th. If I exit and re enter the game the status is back…this is getting to be annoying to do and. I am not even sure I am getting full status back. Somethings seem.less than what they were


reconnect with google play


It’s been happening to me too. It doesn’t happen everytime, but every once in a while. I haven’t noticed any amounts lessening though.


I’m sorry that keeps happening with your VIP subscription status, JBear. Could I ask you to contact our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to try and provide some further troubleshooting steps for you.


It happens to me, too. The 12/24/7day timers lose time while I am closing and log back in, they forever slip.


It rarely, if ever happens on my account (Google), but I went through a stretch of a couple of months on my son’s account (Apple), where it seemed like ever other login was disconnected from VIP. It has been much better since Update 55

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