Loss of trophy points for no reason

Earlier today I logged off with 4241 trophies (I have screen shot). I just logged back on to 4191 trophies :frowning:

There’s a few bugs that can cause this, and they tend to relate to disconnects and matchmaking errors.

If you play a battle match and switch out of the client without force quitting, the trophy count will be updated server side, but not updated on your client side. It will properly refresh if you force quit/closr the app, or if you engage in another battle.

Alternatively, if a matchmaking error occurs during a Test of Might event and the game finds you a match anyways, the match will end up counting as a battle mode match and not cost you Test of Might attempts. This often requires a client reset, but can’t be forced from the client side, something weird needs to happen server side.

Lastly, occasionally, Test of Might events might result in double matchmaking, where the match you see is for the event, but your account also has a battle mode match going on where you are completely afk. If you finish the ToM battle fast enough, you might get a chance to reset your client into reconnecting to the afk battle mode fight, usually just as you’re about to die.

Those are the three instances where I’ve encountered loss of Battle mode trophies without an intended client side requests. The second and third parts may also feed into the first.

My best guess is that you participated in the event today, and encountered matchmaking bugs unbeknownst to you.

@retsamerol yeah I was doing both ToM and normal arena battles today. Oh well, no biggie.

Thanks for the info retsamerol.

Just happened again. I logged off with 4205 trophy points only to log back on with 4155 trophies.

This is the 2nd time this week I’ve logged back on to exactly 50 trophies mysteriously gone.

I completed Silverhand trials on Friday so I was only running normal arena past 2 days.

That happened to me awhile back and kind of just worked itself out after a day or two. Was really annoying but in the end it did revert to the actual trophy count. I think it was just a refresh type of error where it would bring up an old trophy count like from a cached scoreboard or something.

Ok… just happen again. Another 50 trophies mysteriously disappear. I logged off with 4524 trophies and came back to 4474 trophies. Tell me how is that possible since I haven’t stepped foot in the normal arena today? I made a specific point not to do normal arena during ToM event because of my belief that there is a bug causing me to lose 50 trophy points randomly when I do.

So today I did only ToM. How am I down 50 points? Again each of the 3 times trophy points have gone missing it has been exactly 50 points. That’s 150 points I’m down between the last 2 ToM events for absolutely no reason.

/sigh :frowning:

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Sorry to hear it keeps happening. That sucks.

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There is zero incentive for me to spend any more $$$ on this game if my points just randomly get taken away due to a bug. Not only does it cost me gems to run ToM but it’s also costing me mysteriously disappearing trophies at 50 points each time.

There is absolutely no reason for me to care about trophy points if this continues. I will be greatly disappointed if I am not returned these points.

I’m extremely unhappy about this situation :frowning:

Why would I continue to spend? Why would I continue to care about trophy points or the leaderboard?

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Won 2 fights today in ToM to complete the event. I am now assuming I will have another 50 trophies go missing in the near future.

I submitted a ticket for the first 2 times I had trophies disappear and was told they couldn’t give the trophies back.

I have submitted a new ticket for the 50 points that went missing yesterday.

Honestly I just want this bug to be fixed. I shouldn’t be losing trophies for no reason.

The game just did the same thing to me about pieces of equipment. I keep track meticulously so I know it is reporting over 200 less of one item than I had this morning. Hopefully it will work itself out next time I log in because it would be a waste of a week or more to report it.

Missing equipment never comes back

This all sounds concerning

Have also had equipment from challenge rewards not get added. In other games I’d report it. However, this is Ludia support we are talking about. Better to just call it 1 more example of how bad a job they are doing and forget about it.

Yeah I don’t bother with support any more. At this point the game is a way for me to pass the time with the occasional nice surprise. I’ll keep going until all 20th level just because it would be a waste to walk away but I don’t care how quick it happens.

Just happened again. This time I was in a battle with a bot and game crashed. I logged back on fast and still win the fight and I was awarded the trophies. I then noticed I was down 50 trophies from what it should have been. I should have had 4511 and it was at 4461. Again, exactly 50 trophies gone for no reason. Now I disconnected on another fight against a person about 10 mins earlier. Again I was able to log back on and win the fight which put me to 4511 trophy total. So if I’m getting a trophy loss just from the disconnect and not from actually losing the fight then it’s a bug and I should be given back the trophies. More importantly the bug needs to get fixed.

That’s 200 trophies I’m down in the past 3 weeks due to this bug.

I have an idea of what might be causing my trophy losses.

I hit the “Wait” button over and over so I get matched with people and not bots. I think that maybe there is a chance to get double matched at same time when you hit “Wait” button. You are only present for one match and the other is like a disconnect.

I have literally hit the “Wait” button 12+ times waiting to get matched. So possibly it takes hitting “Wait” multiple times to cause this occurrence.

I am currently recalling one time recently my guildie Cruxader saying that he just fought me disconnected but I was actually fighting someone else during the time he claimed that.

This is feeling like the cause to me. I won’t be hitting the “Wait” button again.

I guess this can also happen in Battle mode too, but that would explain it @Greenwave.

@retsamerol yep you were right

Support told me everything looks fine on their end and that they couldn’t return trophies. Which I really don’t even care about. I just wanted it to stop occurring. Now that I know what’s causing it a can just avoid hitting “Wait”.

@gpinsky1313 I now see your wisdom in not contacting support. I am in total agreement with you and won’t bother doing it again.