Lost 10 Indoraptor DNA after creating it

Bug Description: My Indoraptor was at 220/250 DNA and not created. I fused once and got 40 DNA (Lucky me!!!) and the UI showed 260/250. But after I created my Indoraptor, I lost the extra 10 DNA. Now my Indoraptor shows 0/100 DNA at level 21.

Area is was found in: Fusion

How often does it happen: Once that I noticed.

I think this is a visual error. Happened to me aswell. The next time you fuse the missing amount should be added to that fuse, ie your next fuse should give a minimum of 20 DNA.

Man, that sucks. I hope for you that Ludia fixes this. I gave never paid attention to this, so it might have happened to me too…cant believe such things happen after having grinded so much and so long to get your indo.

Nope. Next fuse was 10 and it showed 10/100 afterwards

Indoraptor DNAs are rare to come by, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re missing some of the DNA for yours @argb007. Could you email our team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so they can take a closer look at your account and assist you?

Awesome. Will do right away. :slight_smile:

I finally got the lost DNA. Thanks, your team saved me hours of hunting Velociraptor & TRex. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that @argb007.

Happy hunting!