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Lost 12 boosts this morning

I lost around 12 boosts this morning due to incorrect display in game during Boost Reshuffle Event. Who knows what “14:00 UTC” is anyway?! I thought they were quoting 24 hour time, so 14:00 would mean 2:00 pm CST here in Chicago and I did it around 10:00 a.m CST. BEFORE I changed boost levels I checked the game creature screen to verify it said boost refund would be 100, it did. I have a screen shot from 10:17 am CST proving it. Since it still showed in effect I refunded ALL boosts on my Erlikospyx and put them on my unboosted Monolometrodon. Then immediately got cold feet and went to return them all to my Spyx. That’s when I discovered that out of 16 boosts initially, I had only 4 left since I lost 50% transferring to Monolometrodon then another 50% trying to transfer them back. I am beyond upset!!! I have spent several hundred dollars in real money playing this game. I sure hope they help me out because my Level 27 / almost Level 28 Spyx is now DESTROYED!!!

The rules are there:


Like I said, I saw the rules but UTC is not a common unit of time and regardless, if screen shows refund of 100 when you do it, you should get 100 refund, am I not correct??

The app is not reloaded but the game is anyhow updated.

I agree that the app could have been restarted after the time ended. So players was forced to log out and then log in again.

I’m sorry for your lost.

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To be fair, Ludia has a track record of changing events at short notice. If i saw it as 100 in the game, i would’ve assumed Ludia extended the event again.

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Sadly the picture has no date and no dinosaur name. With that i think you can force them to hear you. But they can dismiss this based on that. Sorry for your lost. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Don’t worry I’m sure we will all get a rare incubator as compensation :wink:

Thank you, The picture details, time date, get embedded when you take a pic so if I sent them file they could see it. I know they are aware now since this happened to many. If they restore my creature to the the time just before the event ended, all would be good.

Ugh!! LOL that would be so satisfying.

Yeah , u should stop a day before. Good tip for next shuffle🤞🏼

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I certainly agree lesson learned!

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