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Lost 15 times battle today

Another loss today, drop from 4000 to 3700.

Opponent trago all att critical hit, my high level trago lost to lwer level trago of this.
Lost 12 battles from disconnection.
Enemy stegodeus keep critical despite of 5%.
Everybody seems to have sinotahraptor even higher level, while i dont even find any sinoceratops at all to make my own.
my indo rex never dogde at all today.
My monolometrodon still not land any critical since i got him last week.

how is your day so far?
have you had enough?

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I’ve reached a point I’m just going to sit tight. I noticed yesterday Tragos and Stegods were everywhere. And not just lvl 20 either. Many times I went against a lvl 30 and 29. Lucky for me my Mono got lucky once and kept stomping a lvl 29 until it died. Rare but it happened only once. I’m sure my opponent was not happy.

Whenever I see a run of defeats I’ll stop after a couple since it seems I was not getting anywhere. Luck of the random draw, I don’t think so. So many stuns and crits one after another.

I’m just going to sit at 4500, I suppose I can hit 5000 if I really try but I don’t need the stress. I can work on making it to Lockwood after this dreaded thing of a tournament is done

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