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Lost 17 battles straight


Was close to 4700, now down to 4215. Used to love this game a lot so I was trying very hard to form my current team. University sometimes stresses me out so I play games to relax but I might have picked the wrong one? This game isn’t very emotional friendly cuz u can be on a losing streak for no reasons. In the battles I lost my cloak and evasive stance didn’t work and every dion of my opponents hit my dion with literally 40% crit chance. I really want to love this game again but I’m just very tired atm


I have used my beta team that looks similar to yours (2 uniques and rest lv 20 legendaries) and floats between 4300-4700 just for fun a while ago. I’d say the teams people have in high lockwood and low aviary looks similar, so it’s quite possible to lose a lot if you don’t have a good line up at the start of the battle. Players in this range are at a transition point to build up uniques, so usually you have to rely on drawing your indoraptor and stegodeus as they are at much higher level.

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If I lose more than 3 in a row I normally take a break for 20 minutes or so; if I am on a winning streak and then lose one - I also take a short break.


Less broken phones :smile:


I would bench Indominus for Trago/Stegocera or Spinotasuchus.


I notice at mid to end of last season my thropy was 4600 - 4900. But at starting of this season its hard to even reach 4700. Maybe because everyone throphy was reset that lower level player are stuck with upper tier player trying to climb up the ladder.

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I think monomimus and trago should be replacing alanky and indom. Now you can attack first more often and have much more flexible moves.


@Peter_Yiu, that is quite disappointing :pensive:

I have lost every match during this tournament.

The great thing about alliances is the getting together to be creative with friendly challenges.
I.e. tanks only, bleeders only, rares only, particular mixtures or “rules”… etc…


Hahah once tourney hit I was 5300 ish. I went on a 1-18 losing streak. Now I just don’t care


I never run a team with less than 3 tanks. It used to be 4. Trago is a must have even though it may not seem like it. I have multiple videos on my youtube channel that show how valuable it can be. I also think Stegocera is a must have but not everyone will agree with that. But yeah, 3 tank minimum is a rule i don’t break.


I’m in Lockwood Estates (4039 trophies now). I’ve battled 12 times today,
I went: 4193-4179-4141-4112-4142-4102-4098-4069-4039-4002
And now 4039.
I also battled an AI (I LOVE battling AI, I actually hope for the timer to go down to 0 so I can face one) today, I lost due to its nodopatosaurus getting an unexpected crit.

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I would bench flying bird for probably Spinotasuchus and bench Magnap for Stegoceratops

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Drop arenas, you will enjoy the game much more.

I’m tired of hearing that people don’t know how to play, they have the wrong team, etc. etc. They didn’t get where they were by pure luck unless you also believe luck is a huge part of this game, but those stating these players just don’t know how to play, believe it’s a straight up skill game.
Catch 52.

I think this game is far too rng dependent and tournaments affect everyone. But that’s just my idiotic opinion.


Same thing happens to me every tournament, there’s no way they don’t do it on purpose in order to make you think your team is not strong enough so that you consider paying for it… but just don’t, I didn’t, I haven’t ever put a cent into this game, cause it feels much better not to feed greedy people than win an epic incubator that’s gonna have garbage DNA in it anyway…

(And I ussually get back over 4500 after some time anyway)


This. The only logical reason they keep spamming tournaments despite players saying we don’t want them.

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I-rex is too RNG dependent. That’s why I benched her, and put Tyrannolo in her place. I have 2 nullifiers in my team to reduce RNG factor. I have only Indoraptor which can evade in my team, but I only evade when nearly died in one shot. This makes my trophy count more stable.

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I’m pretty sure I was three of your losses, I’ve battled you at least 4 times in the last week and I only remember you beating me once.

I took a massive beating once 1.5 hit. Went from 4300 down to 3700. I raged so much. I’m slowly crawling back to where I was. I’m at 4158 right now.


I noticed this as well. I benched irex and my trophy range became a lot more narrow. I have indor and Mimus as my “rng” dinos but I mainly use mimus since it is faster and can also nullify. I’ll use the evasive, but also use it knowing a back up plan if I do get hit through it.


I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, just dropped from 4770 to 4400-something myself. I especially resent the total $%&# move that is Dracorex Gen 2. I get that it’s a novel swap-in ability, but it’s so overpowered, and the fact there’s no way to see it coming or counter is pretty damn sleazy. I too have been doubting the “randomness” of the RNG a lot lately, when cloaks don’t work at all four or five battles in a row, is that really random???


That doesn’t look like a 4700 team. Looks like a 4400 team. You were winning the RNG game to get you 300 trophies higher than expected. It was time for a reset towards the mean.

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