Lost 4 and won 1


Guess what! Life and game goes on!

In one battle I took down a indoraptor and indominus and it came down to our last dinosaur and his Stegodeus out lasted my tragodistist!

In other ones his stuns worked every time and mine didn’t! Once again life and game goes on!

Finally after 4 close losses I won!

No screenshots no going in my recent to see because I NEVER DO! It’s simple if I would have lost 20 yes I would not be happy but guess what life and game goes on!

I don’t blame the game because my opponents had better luck than me and I don’t start searching to see if they are spoofers because I couldn’t care less! I lost and they won!

Life and game goes on!!


It brings me so much joy that you wrote “couldn’t care less” instead of “could care less.” People always get that phrase wrong but you, sir, did it right.


I did my three battles this morning and didn’t win anything. Haven’t tried again today because tomorrow is a new day and I will feel better about it.