Lost a battle I was winning

In my last battle I was winning 2-0 when I suddenly got kicked to the opponent wins screen with my 2 wins showing for my opponent and 0 for me. Not sure what happened, but I had one attack left to win 3-0.

Hey Gary_Wilson, thank you for reporting this! I’m not quite sure why that would happen, but I can understand it’s frustrating to have that happen in battle.

If this happens again, could you please try the following troubleshooting steps and see if it helps?

  1. Do not run any other applications in the background while using Jurassic World Alive.
  2. If you are on a WiFi connection, select your device settings > WiFi, and then tap your network to forget it. Then reconnect to your WiFi network.
  3. Please go to your device’s Settings, and turn off your data connection. Then, turn your connection back on.
    Doing this may stabilize your connection.
  4. Force close the app and then immediately relaunch.

Making sure that you are on a stable internet connection before launching the game will also help. We also recommend staying on the same connection when playing the game, as switching between connections could cause an issue.

Our support team would also like to take a look at your account. Can you please reach out to our staff here at support+forums@ludia.com. If you can also include your Support Key in the email, it will be very helpful.

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“Opponent Wins” popped on the screen after I killed 2 of the opponent dinos and they only had two kills as well with my dino almost full health. It didn’t show the score screen or the trophy loss just took me back to the incubator screen and I still had the same amount of trophies as b4 the battle. Glad that the bug didn’t effect my trophy count I restarted the game and battled again. I lost fair and square that time. But when I got to the trophy count screen it showed me down 60 points from when I started yet only showing a 30 point loss for that battle.

I believe I have seen a post similar to this previously, if anyone could direct me to that or some other info I would appreciate it.

P.S. My dino was not under the effects of lethal wound nor did it have its health low enough to be killed by a counter attack.

Would it be my post, I had a similar situation happen to me.

another way to avoid data problems (I used to work tech support) would be to go to his device’s settings, if he uses 4G, update, then update his PRL … And, wifi, he might need to turn off his wifi router/modem for 30 to 60 seconds and reboot it to clear out the router cache. I have a really great cable connection, and i’ve seen the ping fluctuate from 15ms to as high as 150 when i need to clear the router cache out…which will cause the game to do an unstable connection disconnect.

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Since yesterday I’ve been having issues with battles. Even when I’m winning the battle ends prematurely and says opponent wins. It’s happened several times and I’ve lost a lot of battle trophies because of this. Most recently I was battling I knocked out two of the opponents dinosaurs and the hadent knocked out any of mine but out of nowhere the battle ends and says opponent wins

When this happens don’t tap the continue button but force close the app and reopen and you should be back in the battle

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You are back on the same battle but you just lost a critical hit or even a Dino. I fail to see how this is acceptable at all.

Another troubleshooting aid. Mite be when I doing a battle at the gym with the server, I will sometimes stun the battler and it has to count down the full 280 seconds before it decides its next strike.

It’s mostly frustrating because on the occasions I’ve put money in. I then lose battles from your glitches.

I’m not apologizing for ludia and these annoying glitches! Just telling you about it cause it’s better than just accepting the loss!

I just had a battle end in lockdown. I had 2 kills, my opponent had zero. Mid battle the match stopped declaring him the winner with 3 kills to my 2.


I’m sorry to ghost thread but there was an inactive player I was just working on beating his inactive team and right as I was about to make the killing move it popped up with an opponent wins screen. I lost 36 trophies but I’m confused how it even happened?

I searched the forms for a bit but didn’t find nothing somewhere except for this threat if anyone can help me out that be great .

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