Lost Abilities

There are many passive and active abilities which are discontinued. Some were really cool like impairing strike and exploit wound. I want to know all the passive and active abilities that have been discontinued. I am curious.


Defensive Stance, Distracting Shield, Precise Shattering Counter, Definite Rampage, Definite Impact, Wounding Strike, Adrenaline Surge, Thagomizer, and I’m sure there’s more. Something Double graze on Gorgosuchus.


but definite rmpg/impact and precise shattering counter are both on jwa toolbox

I forgot Monolorhino has Definite Impact. What about the other two? What has those?

apparently its spinonyx

presice shattering counter: Diplov

i said 3
all were proved in-game

Yeah, you’re right. What about Thagomizer?

that is sadly gone everywhere

I guess I am allowed to share a link…right?

Look what I found, anyways…


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So Ludia did consider a move that forces the opponent to swap! I didn’t know that

Well there are pretty good ideas (like bite and the speddup moves, and spike). The names are, well, could have been better (go for the kill? And earthquake slam looks straight out of pokemon). Well, who expected a stegosaur with distraction? And so many creative status effects?

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Minimal stunning strike , minor wounding strike , velocity strike, immunity, greater stunning rampage


Swap in defensse shattering rampage, swap in prowl, swap in rampage, long Dodge

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Spinonyx is the only creature with Definite rampage, it hasnt been discontinued yet, but only 1 creature has it

Stunning impact, stunning strike

Hyper Beam, Fire Blast