Lost access to my profile

On Saturday, I tried to remedy nothing (i.e. supply drops, dinos, and strike events) loading onto the map for long periods of time by uninstalling JWA and reinstalling the game. However, as I actually had no idea that Game Center was on my phone until after the fact, I reopened the game and was faced with creating a new account. I got in contact with the support team, and other than a few initial messages, have only gotten radio static for over four days now.

Edit: Removed support keys

You can’t post support keys on here.

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Thank you for the heads up.

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I’m sorry to hear that you had lost access to your game, @RaptorGod02. If you had already emailed our team, they would definitely try their best to assist you with this once they get a chance to see your email. It could take some time, however, as our team has been getting a lot more tickets than usual.