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Lost Account 6/18/2021

I recently got a new phone and lost all my rise of berk progress, which bums me out as I had a few rare dragons. I’ve emailed ludia and I’ve tried logging in/out of facebook, uninstalling the game, going through the tutorial and connecting back onto facebook but nothing works. Is there any way of getting my game progress back? A little while ago the facebook account linked to my game progress was deleted (it was a business name account and got deleted by facebook) and I lost my progress for a while but somehow I got the progress from that account back. I think that might be where the problem lies. I haven’t gotten an email back from the support team, anyone have ideas to get my progress back? I really hate to think of starting over again.

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Hey starcmr0, I’m sorry to hear that you had lost the saved data for your game. Once our support team gets the chance to review your message, they’ll be sure to try their best to assist you with your account recovery.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your message until our team replies as that can reset your position in their queue.


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