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Lost Account 7/26/2020

Hi is there any way I can use the new support key to get back my old account?

Welcome to the forums, @Moedabeast and @chinna2019kid! I am sorry to hear about your lost accounts. Each game account has a unique support key. You will have to reach out to our support team at and provide the support key to your old account in order for them to help restore your progress.


My account is gone and I want to switch back the accounts and continue the game from current levels. Please help and advise. Tried with game center login and logout but i am getting switching accounts from level 1. So please help.

my account name was - INDORAPTOR KILLER

Hi ludia
The support key is -edited-. Sorry i do not know the previous ones but this is the current one the support key is from the game Jw Alive. The Gamer tag from before is “indoraptor killer”.

How long does it take to have someone message me and help me get my old account back. Please help me.

Hey revren, have you reached out to our support team at If so, our team will try and get back to you ASAP, once they get a chance to review your message.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your message before our team replies, as that could cause further delays.


Yes I have reached out on the 21st?