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Lost account after accidental switch to Facebook account

image My Autistic son who loves dinosaurs has been a huge fan of this game for over three years. We use it now as a way to engage with him and for him to learn. We we’re online this morning and I watched him follow the free dollars to collect and instead of clicking follow on Facebook he pressed play on Facebook and the options changed and as he tried to exit the game switched accounts and reset everything. The game went into it’s auto start and was locked in the starter help track with no way of exiting to message for help. We were locked in following the basics go through those starting processes from level on to level 2 before we could contact support.
Well, we lost everything! Both JW alive and JW World reset to level 2 as the beginning sequence to JW world was the same.
You can only imagine the reaction of an autistic hold who just lost 3 years of his routines and the impact that’s had on him. This was bad enough for me, Then there’s the deep financial loss of all of this as well.
In our level 2 game now it shows our sanctuary with a level 15 dinosaur in it, further highlighting what we’ve lost.
Do you think support have helped? It’s been 4 hours now, one conversation thread lost, two more attempts to restart amd go through the beginning basics again and it’s been over an hour since our last response.

This happened to me a while ago now.

I logged in on google play on my main account that I had since June 2018, and Facebook on my alt that was only a few months old.

Somehow I lost my main by logging in on Facebook over the google play. I contacted support, and it took almost a week to get it sorted but they did restore my old account.

Obviously I had to give them my support key for the list account etc…

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Hi there Gareth_Dunne. I’m sorry to hear that happened. Our team should be able to sort things out if you email them at If possible, please include the support key (found in the bottom left of the in-game Settings menu). Thanks!

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Thank you, I will try this now as I’ve been waiting now for 6 hours for no response

Over 12 hours and nothing, no communication or anything. The only change in game is they’d tried to hide their error by now emptying my sanctuary, however it still shows level 4.

Sorry for the wait Gareth_Dunne. As messages are responded to in the order that they come in, it can take a few business days sometimes for our team to see your message (depending on ticket volume). Rest assured they will respond as soon as they can!

In the meantime, please refrain from sending another email before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue.

My message was picked up by Erik and ignored for over 24 hours because it was difficult

Yes that sounds about right for a response.
Its ridiculous that this should even be possible.
It took one day less than 3 weeks to gain access back to my account, due to this sort of wonderful “feature”.
I was also told that as it was my own fault I’d locked myself out, that compensation for loss of VIP would not be given.
Its also apparently impossible to untie an account once its asocciated with Facebook.

This seems to a regular occurance, I know quite a few people its happened to, and it takes anywhere from a few days to weeks to sort out.
If the issue could be fixed that would mean less ticket volume.