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Lost account again, ridiculously slow recovery

Had a privacy/safety policy statement pop up on Weds morninf, accepted the terms and my account was gone. After waiting all day weds for a response, i got an answer yesterday around 12 stating that they found my account and would transfer it back to my device if i wanted. Thought that was obvious but understand the protocol. I replied yes and got an answer back this morning stating that they submitted a request to initiate the transfer and to expect one to two buisness days. They left off with do you have any more questions and i replied yes, when do you guys work until so i can judge if this is getting fixed today or next week, with no reply yet of course. Looks like im missing the entire rare, epic and all towers for this weeks events, which is a very good one for my moderate p2p lv 20 acct. Very disappointed with the service this company offers to their player base which is why ive really limited my spending. Ive played multiple games, my largest p2p spending probably about 20k over 5 years to castle clash, which dont get me wrong IGG is not a great company to deal with however their service team is live and have always resolved my issues as a spender in a very hastly manner when it comes to an actual issue. Take a hint Ludia