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Lost account but still in clan.. :/

My sister lost her account after the update. she had a bug problem and so she deleted the game… :confused: when she got the game back, all data was gone. as i think about this, it make sense. but, in the picture above ^ the account is still in the clan. is there ANY way we can get it back? if it requires any kind of info from us, please contact -edited- i will let you know now that she doesn’t remember her support key, nor does she have a picture of it.

(Thank you for editing that out :+1:)

Edit: Was your sister’s account connected to Facebook or Google Games? If so, all she has to do is reinstall the game and reconnect the account to get it back.

If that’s not the case, you’ll need to get in contact with support, which I’m assuming you’ll want to do via email. That’s I don’t know what they’ll be able to do without a support key, but all that means is that I honestly don’t know if that means it would just be more difficult, or actually impossible. I know that they’ll do the best they can.

Also, please keep in mind that support is still very busy, so it might take a few days to get back to you. Good luck, and I hope it gets resolved soon! :grinning:


Hey ShardEmbersRex, as @Mysterious had suggested, if your sister’s account was linked with her Facebook account, could you ask her to try re-connecting to Facebook in the game and see if that helps?

If your sister is still having issues, please do not hesitate to ask her to contact our support team with her support key, and our team would be happy to assist her. Your sister could also include her in-game name along with the 4 digit number code if she does not have her support key.

@Ned I have the same problem about the account and I have already send the email to you.The ID is ritasharkbaby #6690

Unfortunately, support will not be able to directly help you here on the forums. You will have to wait for them to respond to you and communicate via email.

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