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Lost account connecting to Facebook


I was trying to connect Jurassic World Alive to a new device & I thought I had connected my account to Facebook, but when I tried to log onto said device through Facebook it started a new account. I tried getting onto my account on my old device but it took me to a new account, too. My username is JustMe #6020, I’m level 11. I went ahead and removed the new connected account from my Facebook but I still need my account back, please!! @Ned


I’m sorry to hear that you were having some trouble connecting your account to Facebook @HarleeJustMe, and our support team would be happy to take a closer look into your account and assist you with this. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your in-game name along with the 4 digit number after it? If you have your support key, it’d be really helpful to our team if you included it in your email as well. Thanks!


I have the same problem, but its my fault. When i tryed link facebook to my JWA account, it asked me if i want to replace the save on my google play with some lvl 2 which i dont know ever played. Sudenly i misunderstood replace save and i lost my level 17 JWA account and now i have lvl 2. I have my old support key and i hope, there is chance to link back my google play and level 17 JWA account back together, i sepent some money and half your of time on it and have VIP membership. I really dont want to start new game… I already wrote on the support, so i hope for answer soon, before i will lost all good new stuff game now