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Lost account, possible to get it back?

If by some magic somome actualy clicked on this you might be like, “yeah it is posible”. And while i know it’s posible idk in my case because i somehow managed to get my self in the worst of the worst situations while well knowing that my phone would be fully reset.

Basicly on the phone im writing this on right now i had the bleeding pixel/purple screen glitch thing, so when getting it fixed they said my phone would be fully reset. I did get back the phone early(they said it’d be at least 2 weeks i got it back in 1). And while i did get the games i care about the most saved up. I couldn’t save jwtg because i played as a guest. I tryed to connect my account to facebook or google play(tho i’m not sure if it is posible with google play), but i just didn’t know how. I went to the support menu as i knew there would be some info there and i tryed to do the stuff but just saw no option how to.

Now it was most likley me just being stupid, and there problably was an option to do it. But lets just go on.

So now when i got my phone back i log in i don’t have my account.

However i did read in the support menu that ludia can manualy transfer(or i guess give me back) an account. However to know which one they would need the support key.

And thats where i feel even more stupid i did not remember to screenshot my support key or write it down.

The only things i do have of the account tho are the achivements in google play(when i opend the game it even showed connecting to it, same way it does in JWA and i have JWA saved in google play)

And i guess a few screenshots of my stuff, as i guess proof to the existance of the account, they problably mean nothing but idk i thought i’d mention it

So yeah i think i’m just screwed

Without a Support Key, the odds are against you. You can contact Support and hope, but know that the odds are against you. Good luck


What a tragic turn of events, @Fico :sob:
As mentioned by Andy_wan_kenobi, it’s totally worth contacting our support team at, if you haven’t done so already.
I know you didn’t mention it in your post but I wanted to add: if you made any purchases in the game, please include the receipts - the team might be able to find your account using them.
I hope that you’ll be able to get your account back! :crossed_fingers:

Since i’ve kinda accepted the fact that i’ve lost my account i’m somewhat thankfull i haven’t made any purchases, but now… yeah…

I’ll try contacting and adding a few screenshots maybe they can find a matching account but i doubt it

I also went through them i don’t have any screenshots with my support key so that kinda makes it even worse