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Lost account problem

Hi, I still have problems with the account problem I think its a mobile problem;so I lost My account again, but this time I have recorded how my park looks and I recorded the Id in the pause menu so I hope i have muy account back this time

do you play via Facebook? If not then it should…

I have a problem to log in so.Also if you don’t log in the account can be restored but you need the code

You will need to send in your old account code to support and give them the new code on your device so they can swap them. If you have your game connected to FB then you should be able to start up your game go to settings and then login through FB and you should start up with your old park. Again this is only if your game is linked to FB.

if you have support key ludia support can get it back for you

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Hey @Leonardo_Sologuren,

Any update on your account situation?
Remember that you can contact Support either via in-game or by e-mail at :slight_smile: