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Lost Account - Ticket: 527139

Hi guys, If somebody could help me out, giving an answer to ticket 527139, that would be great.

Basically I’ve lost my account, deinstalling the app to fix a 16/24 loading error (tracking down the last Ourano’s), after setting my time to either NY/To time wouldn’t help. After reinstalling, I’ve lost all progress…

I’ve provided both Support Key numbers, as I don’t use Google / Facebook to login.

Any info on how long it takes… or some other sign that you are Alive, would be greatly appreciated!! Really want to get back to the game!

  • It might be worthwhile stating, as well in the chat at the beginning, that adding additional info resets you in the queue?

Hey Xax, it could take some time for our team to get back to you at the moment as they’re receiving a lot more tickets than usual. However, our team will try to get back to you ASAP once they get a chance to see your ticket.

They are replying i had a response today for a ticket opened last wednesday, i think they unbelievably overwhelmed with requests right now.

Thanks for your understanding. Please also refrain from updating your ticket.

Thanks for replying, any way you can give head ups about the situation?

Just curious, which ticketnumber did you have?

No idea sorry didnt think to check,

Please refrain from posting any personal details like support keys, ticket numbers etc. Dm each other or the mods if it’s absolutely necessary.

I lost my account close to year ago, at the time i had made a bunch of purchases and made a lot of progress not to mention all of the coins and cash. Ludia took well over a month (customer service in the Philippines to save money, and it takes a very long time in between replys). In the end i was the one who was able to retrieve my account with the help of Apple through the phones analytics, and Ludia was happy to inform me that if the account could not be found they would refund me, but because the account was found their policy allows them to keep my account and my money, and since the reps overseas have zero authority that’s exactly what they did… such trash. I ended up starting over and ive been ripped off by them in other instances where i never received incubators and they acknowledged they can see that happened, but refused to correct the matter (again, no authority overseas and if you ask for someone domestic they will ignore you)…
…Heres my advice, after they waste weeks or months of your time they will break the bad news to you in writing. Contact apple or android or who ever you use. You can file a dispute and a get credited for the last 90 days of purchases, and you can file a complaint against the developer with a higher dept that reviews these types of things and supposedly takes them seriously. Unfortunately you can not get back the time youve spent, but if your wise you can part ways before they exploit you any further. I hope this is helpful!

If you ask for a supervisor they will give a guy named brendhan, they send you to brendhan every time. He will tell you he has great news, and then he’ll tell you something completely unfair or outright offensive… ive been through this several times, its like clockwork. I recommend contacting Apple or android right away and file a complaint or dispute.

This sounds pretty bad actually.

Never spend a dime on the game nontheless, I would just like to continue where I left off. Have my level, dino’s, DNA, coins, cash, boosts etc working as it was before.

It sounds like a pretty simple data migration to me… Old Support Key to new Support Key.

I’ve put some serious hours and sweat into playing the game, and try to be hopeful things will get settled correctly. My Alliance is suffering from it as well, and I would feel like a mod could at least give me heads up about the situation.

Thanks for your addition!

Ok in that case heres what you should do. If you have an iPhone open: settings>privacy>analytics, then from there you should see tons of tabs with data from all of your apps (don’t worry its alphabetized by app), find Jurrassic World Alive (Should be listed as JW2), you will likely find tons of data from each time you recently logged in. I would open up the 2 most recent tabs and take screen shots of the data or copy/paste it into an email, then forward this to the agent who you are dealing with. They will be able to find your account right away, but I would say expect them to drag their feet for a week or two before they respond. After they find your account your not done yet, they will ask you if you want them to migrate the account and even if you respond immediately they will likely drag their feet once again and do nothing for a week, so my point is that you shouldn’t expect to get back in the game right away. If you have already started playing with a new account they will over-write your progress when the original account is transferred, so I recommend donating any of your dna that you can to your alliance (that option wasn’t available to me a year ago). Anyway I hope this helps!

Hi again. Thanks for your concerns!

As Ludia has stated they can work with the Support Key of the game, just supplying the old and the new one. Ludia has been reasonabily quick on the reply, given the fact of the 1.7 update and all the fuzz on stuff and novelties and patching the game forward. Submitted the ticket on monday, but I guess I’ve ruined my position several times, asking for an update, maybe rearranged my spot in wait myself that way. Previously I had another Support ticket answered within 30 minutes.

So last days…
I waited for response from Support, refrained from updating my ticket nor asking anything new/supplying extra info to Ludia. I haven’t witnessed any dragging feet, or playing about and they’ve come straight to the point, on the data they’ve found and offering the method of overwriting the new Support Key with my ‘old’ data, asking to confirm the old and new Support Key.

It seems Ludia learned from dealing with this issues and I can’t say I find myself near any of the misfortunes you’ve found yourself in, in the past.

Now I’m waiting for the reply and a green for go on the data transfer. Will let you know when everything is hopefully running as before. Hopefully just in time to let the Thora loose on the Epic Event, and rack up some epic DNA before they all fly away again…

Still would be grateful as somebody of the Support will finish the job.

I’ve confirmed both Support Keys for the account transfer, just missing a confirmation at the moment, and somebody that would do the transfer actually…

Thanks again!