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Lost Account today


I have replied to some other threads on here concerning the loss of a new 2nd a/c I made on the 28th April…I subscribed to another VIP subscription too…the a/c lvl is well on its way to lvl 7 with my darting quite a few Epics unlocked from this weekends events plus an Epic and other DNA from VIP incubators and lvl up ones too…so I wanted to link this 2nd a/c to a little used FB a/c for rewards etc and that’s how I lost it all…I have double checked Playstore a/c’s and FB a/c’s to the point I have had enough today…plz fix this other wise VIP sub’s will have to be canceled and refunds applied for…my grandson who is staying at the moment is devastated that he can’t play and do battle with me :frowning: I still have the new a/c on my mains FL with correct lvl 6 etc so its somewhere!


I’m sorry that happened with the account you created, @Sue_Bell, once our team gets a chance to see your ticket, they’ll try to assist you ASAP. As suggested in my previous reply, if you had already provided our team with the details from your account, such as the support key or account name and ID, our team should get back to you soon.