Lost Account…

There was a maintenance/update yesterday
i could not connect. When I logged back in my account went from level 20 to level 1.

I would like to have the account restored on google play. I have tried all the suggestions posted in your help section. Sent 2 emails to support and 3 help requests in game. Please help.

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Hello LordofThunder. If you already contacted our team at support+forums@ludia.com, rest assured they will respond to you as soon as possible to help you out. In the meantime, please refrain from sending another email before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue.

Thank you for your patience!

Help me with issue 1181700.

Im not getting anything back from support, its been over a week. Is this normal?

Hi LordofThunder! I’ve sent you a private message on the forums regarding your ticket.

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