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Lost Account


I typically don’t play games on my phone, however I was enjoying this one soo much that not only was I playing it all the time - I even spent money.

However, when my phone updated I lost my account…all of the game was lost. I have several dinos (including a lv 12 TRex), I spent a bit of money too.

I emailed the company and have not heard back. I really don’t want to lose all that work and time on getting my account back to where it was. Thoughts?

I was logged into Google Play and tried to look back with no success. Heartbroken and feeling let down I am at a loss. If I need to redo all my work, I don’t think i’ll be purchasing any more within the game. Such a frustrating feeling.


I had a friend have the same thing happen to her the other day and it’s really upsetting to hear that support has not emailed you back. She uses android and in IOS however I have not had this issue happen to me but I would love to know if there is a solution we need to know about it and how we can fix it.


Hey there, InspiredFaerie, I know how frustrating it can be to lose access to an account, but I’m glad to see that you have already begun taking the appropriate steps to restore it. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a higher volume of tickets than we had anticipated, so it may still take some time before we’re able to get you back into your account.


Thank you for letting me know. I feel better knowing that it hasn’t just been me - I was starting to think it was something I did and coming to the realization to just forget about playing. Thank you for looking into this for me - I really appreciate it.


i emaild last week for the same reason, but i never received an answer, i spent money for that game, i was a vip member. i understand that the customer care could be busy, but that is unacceptable


Honestly, we had three family accounts - all of which I had made purchases for. The game is now frustrating for me as I feel I lost soo much time and money only for my account to be lost. I refused to spend anymore - especially since it seems nothing can be done for a lost account. I have receipts - if they are unable to retrieve a lost account they should at least honor and either refund or replace the lost items paid for, with an additional I’m sorry.

The lack of communication is sad. I really don’t know what can be done, but from a person who doesn’t normally play games on my phone - I’m a bit frustrated. I have spent the past almost week, since I have lost my account, trying to find a different game to play. The more I think and have tried to work on a new Jurassic account - my hubby seems to have more difficulties with his…so it is just not fun.


This happened to me too yesterday! I’m so angry. Right after the update. I’m so upset and I dk if I’ll restart playing it if I can’t get my old account back.

“Yesterday, the game logged me out and somehow restarted a new game. I do not want to lose my progress. How do I log back in? I know I was connected with google play ( or at least I am pretty sure). Please let me know who to contact. Thank you!”


Gday iv lost my acc on jurrassic world alive

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How do you retrieve your game


@Cassandra Did you connect it with Facebook if yes just play through the tutorial and log back in. If not did you ever take a screenshot of the game where you see the game key because ludia can retrieve your account with it! The key is a string of letters at the bottom center of the loading screen!

Send as much information as you have to

And they will try and help but be patient as they are being swamped with emails now


No never screen shouted it but my friends still have me down as me logged in and there friend


I know the feeling. It’s SO FRUSTRATING!
I lost my level seven account with SIX epics and the one-time-offer I spent £10.00 on.
I contacted customer services on a new account but all I got was the message telling you to visit the FAQ and all that said was ‘sign in with your old account’s Facebook’ or whatever, but I signed in as a guest, don’t have enough space to back it up to the cloud (stupid iPhone 6) and don’t use Game Centre! (sorry for the spelling of centre, but I’m British)
I don’t know how to get my hands on the receipt for my purchase, a suggestion would be appreciated, because I want a refund.
I have my old support code, pictures of some of my dinosaurs, my # number code thing and my username, but all of it is useless.
I played, and loved the game since the British app-store release, and everything I had is gone thanks to deleting this app instead of the one next to it! (messed up iPhone 6) :rage:
If anyone knows how to retrieve my account, please help me.

Jeez, did you read ALL of that?