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Lost accounts


Got logout from the game yesterday and follow the FAQ but my level 20 account are not
In the list of options when I try to login again via play center.

Have email the support team with no answer so far, have someone else had the same issue and did then the support help you out with this?

Don’t feels so great when i have played the
Game over 2 year every day and need to start all over.

Hey Qvintus, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost your game progress. If you had already contacted our support team, our team will be sure to try their best to help you get your account back!

Once one of our team members gets a chance to review your message, they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

Hi ned,

Hope the team can help me out soon, question is this something that happens time to time and Ludia can easy fix so I can get back on track?

Do you have your account’s support key?

Have wait 2 days now and no answers from the support team.
Do you now have long it take before they answer?


Not for my old account only nickname and the support key for my new level 1 account

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard from our team yet, Qvintus. As messages are answered in the order that they come in, it might take a bit of time for our team to reach your ticket.