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Lost All My Progress

So I recently purchased a new phone and when I opened up LoveLink the game asked me to link my facebook account (which I don’t have), or to use my Apple account, which I tried but it kept telling me to start a new game, which I don’t really want to do since I’ve purchased gems and paid money for this game.

Is there a way to recover my old account, I don’t have my in game support key since I never saved it because I thought my progress will be saved to my apple account automatically once I download the game.

I have also emailed support but I have not gotten any reply yet.
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Hey @sleepy, I’m sorry you lost the progress to your account. Once our team gets a chance to review your email, they’ll definitely try their best to assist you with your account recovery!

It’s been 2 days now and I have yet to receive a reply from support @Ned . I really need help recovering my account or at least getting my purchases back so I can just get the progress back myself. Is there any representative I can talk to help with this quickly?

As tickets are answered in the order that they come in, it might take a bit of time for our team to reach your message, depending on the number of tickets currently in their queue. :sweat:

However, please rest assured that our team is working as quickly as possible to get back to everyone.

Im having the same problem. All my process is gone im not starting over i spent money on this game