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Lost all my progress!

I just lost my account! I started the game and it asked for a login with Facebook or Google Play. As I’ve already Choose GP in the first place, I just thought it was some kind of update or something, but, to my surprise IT STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN! I really don’t know what happened!

Please help!

I noticed my support key has changed. Now final is -edited-.

I’m sorry to hear that happened, @Sabonetinho. Our team would be happy to try and assist you in recovering your account. Could you reach out to our support team here at with the support key from your new game and your old one? Thanks!

Hi! I cant remember my old support key. Can you tell me if my account can be recovered using the ID?

As we don’t have access to our team’s procedures, I can’t say for sure, but our support team will definitely try their best in assisting you with the information you have.

@Sabonetinho could try, finish the tutorial if you haven’t done so already and go into your game’s options. You will have the option to log in to your Facebook account again :slight_smile:

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It worked! I’m such a fool! The account was linked to the Facebook account, not the Google Play.

I’m very thankful to you! Sorry to bother.



No worries, we’re happy to help!

Same thing happened to me with the new update. Hope I’m as lucky as you were since I dumped a lot of time and money into this. Tried the Facebook fix but it still started me over.