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Lost because of a priority glitch (not just the indicator)


No, this is not your usual priority indicator glitch rant, cause if you know which dino is faster, you can ignore the broken indicator.


a few moments ago I was facing a Tenontorex with my faster Stegoceratops. I used slowing impact as a usual first move, they lost their connection so the Tenonto used its basic priority strike. Both of us should have been 50% slower at this point, so how is it possible that the slower Tenontorex went first with its rampage and made me lose a match I should have won?

I’m pretty used to the indicator glitch, but if this is the new trend and it keeps on happening, how am I supposed to play and stay calm? It’s not that bad it would make me quit, but it’s another new problem after the previous new problem and one day people might say enough.

Just sayin’
Fix this please.


Do you remember if you saw any visual of slow effect on the tenontorex? The red waves flowing backwards.


Yes, it was all there, but after their priority strike the indicator switched to their dino, I thought it was just another glitch, chose an attack and then got surprised when they hit first


Perhaps somehow the game registered the tenontorex hit you twice with superiority strike n stacked the 2 slow effect, effectively making your stego slower.


They only used priority strike once, first hit was an impact…

Doesn’t really matter how it happened now, the important thing is to communicate it to developers


Yes thats right, tho I must say tenontorex don’t have priority strike in its kit, so are you sure it’s the correct dino? Or could you have mistakenly tot it’s tenontorex?


You mean Superiority Strike (SS)?
Maybe due to the connection issue, Tenontorex has used SS twice after DSI but Stegoceratops used Basic Strike twice after Slowing Impact, then on turn 4, Tenontorex was faster.


Hey Tommy289, as the speed number is rounded to the nearest whole number. Tenontorex’s speed would have been 55 when Slowing Impact took effect. This would mean that Tenontorex had an equal speed to Stegoceratops who was slowed down as well by Superiority Strike. In this case, the higher rarity of Tenontorex allowed it to make the first move.


Hey Ned thanks for clearing that up! But I can see where the confusion comes in, stego speed is higher than tenontorex, albeit by 1, still it is higher. Its reasonable to assume it shld get the first move in this situation. If not, make speed difference btw dinos to be more than 1, to ensure even after rounding off, the faster dino on paper goes first.


I meant superiority strike, sorry :smile:


No worries!


Thank you for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face: but I must say that it’s pretty unfair that you can make a faster dino slower like this, caught me totally off-guard and I agree with DJAIz that it should be ensured that these things do not happen, either through coding 0,5 speeds or wider speed gaps.

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still glitches. one of my favorite JWA moments :joy: :confused: