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Lost connection and wasting battles

I am a newer player, level 54 already. I do not have a ton of high level heroes, but this game consistently has been disconnecting/losing service/server busy. This happens during battles and when I return the 7 hour refresh is on. Anybody else having this issue and this is very annoying at the current stage of the game I cannot afford to have my top 3 or 6 Dino’s go into 5+ hour cool down due to something not in my control.

Believe it or not, the battle disconnect is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. That said, this game disconnects very easily. Try to ask your neighbors not to sneeze when you’re playing. If your internet or data connection is at all weak, every battle is at risk for a disconnect and consequent loss (if you’re playing PvP; if you’re playing a PvE event, usually the game is good about remember where you were). I wish I had better news, but, unfortunately, it’s one of the minor peeves we have to put up with in this game. Long and short, try to find a better internet connection. And if you’re playing on your phone, hope nobody calls you during a battle.


Like what @HanSoloWannaBe states if you can make sure you are playing from a strong WiFi connection that is your best bet, and if you really do not want to worry about getting a phone call put your phone in “Due not Disturb” mode to make sure you don’t get a call that will disconnect you from a battle.

I have a 5ghz, band, 4ghz, an 2.4ghz Connection in my home. The most reliable is the 4ghz. The 5ghz is 2x faster, but crashes more the farther I get away from the base. If your far from your base, you might need a mesh setup or a repeater.

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