Lost connection, empty map, no supply drops and no dinos


I was in the middle of battle and was kicked out. Now I am unable to get back in. What is going on?
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Empty Map, no supply drops, no dinos
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Same here. The App does not start. Not even displaying messages.


Same problem … was catching Ankylo and Map was empty afterwards (sometimes happens if mobile data is bad at your location) … so restarted the App, but couldn’t get back in. Just loading without any progress … for 10 min … 20 min …

Sooo … Game Servers are probably down.


I’m in the same place I play everyday and nothing is spawning. No dinos. No supply drops. I got VIP just to see what it does. I got 50$ from supply drops and ever since then everything has stopped spawning. If this is how you do business you should be shutdown.


I just got vip yesterday, no supply drops, no spawns, no cash, waste of real money


same here, the app doesn’t start T_T

Could forum admin just stop merge topics for a while and explain the situation?

Can’t open the app either. Servers down?


I cannot login within the app. Something is wrong?? I checked my internet connection and its ok… but the app is down😞


Same here in Georgia: (


I can get into the game and battle, but that’s about all. No dinos and no supply drops anywhere to be seen.


No rest stops are registering around me and the area that I’m currently at is a wallmart lol so where’s the wallmart stop? Been having this issue for about 20 minutesScreenshot_20180716-155257_JW%20Alive


Seems like there is some issue in their system. The Google Maps are working but nothing else is loading.

As patient and responsible kids/adults, we should just wait till they resolve the issue. Hope they send out a message to convey that they are aware of the problem and working on it.


Hopefully they work on it and give us something for waiting because my hunting time is wasted and I cant get that back


Update: My app is now working properly. Hope yours is too!


It sure isn’t. Was just about to go on a Stego hunt too. :expressionless:


I can’t get past the loading screen :disappointed_relieved:

Edit// I’m in now but there are no dinos or supply drops.


Refresh the game and put on!




I turned my wi fi off and on , oddly that worked


I restarted my phone . Went in and out airplane mode and turned wifo on and off lol. I think there about to send a update out lol