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Lost connection, empty map, no supply drops and no dinos

We all deserve some decent compensation after our losses :neutral_face:

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They may just give some coins and/or dino bucks. I hope they redo this week’s event if it goes on that much longer.

Supply drops and dinos just show up again on the map! Thank you Team!

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The weird part is it works with my wifi off, but I don’t wanna ramp up my data, y’know?

Everything is back up thanks but really think you guys should award us for our time wasted yesterday with something good like a free legendary for VIP users or platinum incubator for VIP users


I have the same thing only my error code is 10018

Hey everyone, we determined that there was a server issue and we were able to resolve it. The game should now be running normally, so go ahead and fully close the app and re-load it in order to reconnect.

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The game is working for me!

We’re all looking forward to some good compensation, I’d like a million coins or more. Thanks x

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Just got back in. Typical that it happened on the train my day this week I could go hunting!!

Glad the issue is fixed now

It’s not back up! Dinos and supply drops are visible again :slight_smile:

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Now I have already 17 hour no connection I get always a another error code.
What’s going on?!

Hey Veerle_Peeters, If you’re still having trouble getting into the game, try some of the troubleshooting steps on this thread and see if it helps: Stuck on loaded screen of game?

Contact our support team here at with your support key and a screenshot of the error code if you’re still having issues after trying the troubleshooting steps.

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It’s fixed on my end! Happy with the coins!


Would love to see someone argue this with the bouncers in a VIP area at a concert you didn’t pay VIP for. There is no socialism in private businesses.

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Now it works, and compensation! :smiley:

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Thanks it’s fixed and we got a gift!! Great! Thanks so much! I hope everyone is fixed too!!! And got a nice gift!

Mine still isn’t working. Now won’t even load at all. Last night I could at least get in battle. Now nothing

Today in the morning the game was working correctly and I loved my gift, but right now I was playing and the game “actualized” (that said the own game) then no dinosaurs and no supply drops again, what’s happening?

Games down again!!!