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Lost connection server


Any one is having the lost connection avery 2 min problem,already check data signal is good,game is already to the last update… can anyone help me…

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Hey Jozka, this can be caused if you are not connected to a stable internet connection. If you’re connected to WiFi, try forgetting the network and reconnecting back to it. For data connections, turn the data on your device off and back on again and see if that helps. Feel free to contact our support team at with your support key if you’re still having issues, and they might be able to provide some additional troubleshooting.


I already did what you tell me to do and I having the same problem,there’s another way to get my game fix


You can not do anything, the problem is not of each of us locally, the problem is of the game on the server side and the game support they have answered that they are analyzing the problem


Why are u telling us to check our Network stop making excuses, it’s ur server fault and I registered a complain but no reply have come till now I’m shock u all are just expert in looting us making everything costly in game


I have been having this issues for days now. Every 2 min connection lost. Doesn’t matter if I’m on mobile data or wifi.
I’m basicly just going to stop playing the game due to it. I also play Jurassic World Alive and don’t have an any connection issues…


Hi all that are facing this issue.

I have received an email from the support team and it sound as though they have identified the problem and are working to fix it. Email from them below

“I’m sorry to hear about the disconnections you’ve been getting in the game! Our team has found the cause of the issue and are working on a fix for it, which should be available in the next update, coming out within the next couple weeks. In the meantime though there isn’t too much we can do, and you may continue to experience these disconnections until the next update”


I have the same issue but have narrowed my problem down to two things; 1. My LTE drops if there is a bad cell reception in the area which locks up the game & 2. JWA uses more data from Google maps which is different from Pokemon Go and can cause data lag issues.
The most frustrating part is the best local park which has 4 spawn areas has almost zero cell reception. I can’t get within 150 feet of the closest dino which puts me at 340 feet from the farthest. I have just chocked it up as a challenge


Drgre it has been more than a month to fix this little problem it shouldn’t be talking this long. I am starting to thing that you have stopped working on it and are doing other things. It would be really nice if some people who have the problem and love the game could actually play the game.

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Hey TheElderSauce, please rest assured that our team has not forgotten about the game and they’ll continue to work hard on it. If you’re still having connection issues, please contact our team here at with your support key so they can investigate.


Hi,I have solution with that if you have facebook connect it or connect it to your Google play then uninstall the game then download it again and wait a minute for downloads then reconnect your facebook or Google play to see your park Thank you. From:Derek

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