Lost dino darted every day when arriving home

Every single day, this is happening, after 1.8:

I am close my house, using mobile connection. Than i select a dino, usually tarbo wich spawns here. I dart it when close house door and apparently when my phone change mobile connection to home wifi, i see that known message saying connection is lost and touch to reconnect.

its after drone animation and im waiting to collect dino dna.

i touch reconnect and see that so frequent 1.8 message: “jwa was updated and needs to be restarted”.

i touch “ok”, game restart and bye bye dino dna.

i lost about 3 tarbos this week, and today a rare dimetrodon that i found in front of my house when i arrived.

Samsung Galaxy S7, updated.


I agree their connection recovery really sux now. I do not know why they though they had to change anything. It was perfectly fine in 1.7. Now we have gone full circle back to 1.3 - 1.4 with the connection problems but even worse now because it involves two or three… even more reconnect screens that, as before, don’t necessarily reconnect you. I’m glad I’m not paying for this.

I’ve been getting game has updated and needs to restart a lot as well on my S9. Haven’t lost any dinos yet, but it’s irritating.

Same. It took was so bad yesterday that I lost an entire turn on a strike tower. Then I was left staring at the screen while the last 10 seconds counted down, without any attack buttons to press.

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If you know it’s happening, just turn off wifi? And turn on when you’re home.

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Android will search WiFi and turn it back on if you are using mobile data and it finds a possible connection.

Dont know where the setting is on that phone.


yes, after a few days i know its happening.

but i have to manage it myself, i dont always remember do this.

i should: remember to disable wifi before arriving home, and remember to enable when home. frustrating.

phone has settings to do it automatically or manual. its auto of course, because when i tried manually before i just used to forget connect to wifi and my mobile data limit was gone after some heavy use at home.

before 1.8 there was no problem like that because:

connection of course changed too, from mobile to wifi, when i was entering home. there was message to reconnect too, but i touched button, the purple circle was running for about 5 secs and i was reconnected… then collect dino dna.

now the problem is the 1.8 second message “updated and needs to be restarted”… this relaunch makes me lost anything running.

whats the change ludia made that we have to re-launch app this much?

Why to even have wifi turned on when you’re not home? It’s also draining battery.

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i thought it would use very little battery, once not using, just ready to connect if a connection detected.

but do you switch this manually everyday? :scream_cat:

Yup, I always switch off wifi when I leave home - and turn back on when I am home :slight_smile:

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Yep, long time ago I learned that if I leave my house with the game open it will disconnect, or if I come home with the game open it will disconnect.

It’s a very poor design.

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Wifi uses a very very low amount of battery when it’s on and not connected these days. The occasional search is a very low power “ping” to check if any known networks are in range. This absolutely nothing compared to the screen being on and 3D things being rendered on screen. I often leave it on, it makes no difference on battery life.
The extra upside of wifi being on is that it causes a bit more accurate location. This is particularly helpful in JWA and maps and stuff, especially when you’re not in the open air, but could to a very low extent use a bit of battery to achieve this.
The only reason I switch wifi off is because of this exact problem posted here. Losing connection in JWA because of a switch between 4G and wifi or back is suuuper annoying and the error correction code in JWA is seriously bad (and since 1.8 even worse). No other app on my phone ever has any issues like this. Lose connection? Reconnect! Done. The user doesn’t notice a thing.
No app gives a message, no app needs to reload, no app gets bugs or out of sync problems, it’s seriously unheard of.

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My workaround:

Leaving home. I turn the game off, get in the vehicle and restart the game when I am two houses away.

Returning home. Dart what I can near home stopping a few houses away if necessary to get something. If there is a creature right at the house I wait until I am inside and the phone has switched over before getting it on the capture screen.

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Hmmm I switch the game off, leave the house, walk down the road opposite to the very end, that’s about 20 houses away, and very often when I switch the game on it still comes up saying can’t connect to servers, quit app, restart, can’t connect to servers. It’s horrendous.

Eventually it will either work, or its logged me out of the google account. All I wanna do is play the damn game, and a game based on physical movement shouldn’t have this poor connection issue.

Your home wifi has a very strong antenna then :stuck_out_tongue:

Not exactly because I can being playing upstairs, and walk down stairs into my garden and… disconnected…

Doesn’t mean the connection is stable, but the reach of the signal is just very large.
Either way, connection issues should really be addressed.

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I get that too, but the dna is got when I reconnect

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