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Lost Dino

I saw some others on here post about losing two 30 dinos when they tried to instant evolve. I lost my two Entelorhacos yesterday. I emailed Ludia. Will they actually fix the bug and replace them?

They will fix it, it is a known issue as long as you can give them the approximate time and confirm how they vanished they should be able to help it will take 5-7 business days but they will fix the lost creatures.

Now the bug that’s causing the issue that’s another topic for discussion.

Thanks! However, now i have a bigger problem. About 25,000,000 of my DNA was deleted overnight! Maybe it’s time to cancel and cut and run. I just hope they restore them.

I have to ask this carefully, but how did you amass so much DNA? Was it a game glitch? Grinding something in game?

If it was other means, you might want to read the “Fair play” announcement.


I’ve been playing for about 4 years I think. I started right when it was released. And, several times during 2019, they had these limited in number card packs available for purchase (some in game currency and some for real $$$). I picked up a few of those packs all in game. And slowly amassed the DNA. I didn’t get it any other way if you’re wondering. I wouldn’t even know how to do that. Lol! And what’s the FairPlay agreement?

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It is about not hacking the game and not taking advantage of game glitches giving you an unfair advantage. (It is in the announcement sub forum.)

Since you paid real money for some of the DNA and have screenshots, email support. Be sure to include dates that you paid for some of it as you can prove that.


I didn’t realize it was possible to hack the game. I didn’t realize people would hack a video game. Wow! I’ve found plenty of glitches through the years, but they’ve always hurt me as a player never to the extent of losing the aforementioned dinos. I’ve never found a glitch that benefited me. There’s no way i have dates and times of when I purchased the DNA. All I have is the two previously shown screenshots because I was showing how I’m missing my entelorhacos.

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You can’t pull up old paypal/credit card records or anything that might have emailed you a confirmation of purchase?

It is still worth emailing support, but I don’t know how it will turn out.

Allow me clarify, I used in app currency as in DB or Loyalty points to get the DNA. One card pack in particular was like 25,000 DB for 19,000,000 DNA. Then they had one that was 25,000,000 DNA for all my coins. There were a couple more that were several million DNA for lots of loyalty points. I’m pretty sure I only used real money to purchase one or two of those card packs. I used real money to purchase DB, but I haven’t done that since way back. And I use Apple Pay. So tracking it is a little more difficult.

I already emailed customer support. I’m going to keep fighting it because I earned those or purchased them through the game fair and square. But, we’ll see.

So I got a notification in the Report Center that was my level 31 Entelorhacos. I clicked on it and guess what? Still no Entelorhacos. :man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I wish they would bring those packs back around I would gladly spend 20-30k DB for 15-20 million DNA.