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Lost dinosaurs


Extremely livid right now. Somehow I lost all my of my dinosaurs, and was brought back to the beginning. I usually refuse to spend money on games like this. However this game was absolutely thrilling to me and all the money I spent was just a waste!!! It’s taking everything within me not to swear.


Were you doing anything that wasn’t kosher?


What do u mean u lost ur dinosaurs? Just sync up to whatever way ur account was linked. Its all connected to however u sign in man. Now if u happend to not sync ur account at all and happened to be playing as a guest this whole time thats your fault lol


Did you or your device sign in as guest instead of to your account?

I had that happen to me once.

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Hey Billy_Fletcher, if your game was linked to either your Facebook or Google Play store account, please make sure that you have not signed out of either of those accounts on your game. Once you reconnect back to the correct account, try relaunching your game and see if your original game is there.

If you’re still having issues, contact our support team here at and our team would be glad to try and help you. Also, if you have your old support key from your previous game, could you include it in your email along with the support key from your new game? Thanks!