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Lost everything logging in with Facebook

I have been logging in using google play. I clicked on the mail icon and hit the topic for facebook connect to see what it was. It tried to log me in under facebook and now it seems I have lost everything. I went so far as to delete the game to try to log back in under google play but I have gone from level 13 to level 2. Someone please help.

Contact support and you should have your account reset back within a week. Will speed it up a bit if you know your support key. Had it happen to me 3 times

I have emailed support with support key. Fingers crossed. I’ve been playing since it came out. If I lose everything I’ll be so upset. Thank you for your response.

I had this happen when there were issues with Google. Logged in with Facebook and it started me at training. I finally created a velo and once I was able to click on the player level # upper left I switched it back to google under settings and got my L20 game back.

Hey Barbara_Henderson, could you try going into the in-game Settings menu and tap on the Facebook button?

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Yes Ned I did. I turned off facebook and logged back in under google play and still had the old account. Some updated info I was mothra65#1043 it is now logging me in as mothra65#1044. I have emailed support with the support number from the new account and both names. Hoping to hear something soon.

Weird… You shouldn’t lose everything just by logging in FB… only if your account wasn’t linked to Google Play, which I did at the beginning and lost 1 month of progress

I’ve always logged in using google play whenever I’ve been logged out. It’s frustrating.