Lost game data


My son had seen to be playing on his iPhone all this time as a guest account and since he reinstalled the app. He had lost his game data. Any way of Ludia to be able restore his game data? He has since set up game centre to save for future. He doesn’t want to start again. I have his in game name and tag number if that helps.

All help will be greatly appreciated as I do not want an upset child lol


Hey v15h44l, I’m sorry to hear that happened, if your son contacted our support team with the support key from his old game, they would be happy to assist him. If he does not remember his support key, providing his gamer name/tag and the support key from his new game could allow our staff to find him in their system. Our support team can be reached at support+forums@ludia.com.


Thanks for that. I did email on Monday. Still not had a reply as of yet


Game did an Update and I lost all my game progress. Tried logging in and out of my Google Play Account didn’t do anything. Spent a lot of time on this game and wound up uninstalling because your help and support is atrocious Thanks for nothing Ludia.