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Lost GP account

Hi. My grandson can’t connect to his account. When he starts the application it goes to a restarted game. I made purchases for him and it is not fair that he has to start from the beginning. Can you please help recuperate his account? His user name is JerPena11

This happened to me once.

Did the account get restored?

Do you have that support key that can help?

As it turns out, the account I had lost was using Facebook. When the game prompted me to log in again, I thought I had to use Google Play to get back. To my surprise, my progress was reset. Luckily, I was able to log out of the Google Play account and log in with Facebook instead.

normally the support key can help you just have to contact the team by e-mail

Nope. Just his username.

so you have to wait for someone from support to come because I don’t know how to do without the support key

Did the game prompt him to log in again?

Yes it prompted. I sent an email for support so I’ll wait. Thx


No problem.