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Lost guest account when signed in with apple

Lost guest account when signed in with apple. It started a brand new account. How do we get the guest account restored?
Account name is Shoterz
On level 14
Had Level 18 I rex
Had level 15 T rex
Had level 13 allosarus gen 2
Had level 15 I rex gen 2 etc
Please help to restore account - how do we get this back?

Hey Shoterz, was your game linked to your Facebook account? If so, please make sure that you have not disconnected from Facebook in your game.

Hey Ned

Thanks for the email

No, it wasn’t attached to a Facebook account.

Hey Shoterz, could I ask you to email our support team here at Our support team would be happy to try and help you recover your account.

If you remember the support key from your previous game, please include it in the email as well.

Thank you!