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Lost hatchery

Sorry, no screen shots. In the last 3 hours, I lost 8 dragons in the hatchery. They aren’t in the tracking for the hatchery or in my list of dragons. I restarted and still nothing.

I have a suggestion. Where you have in the hatchery the speed up button and the increase button, could you increase the distance between them. My fingers keep hitting the wrong one.

Thanks for listening.


I just had the same happen and am not sure if they were added or not after I restarted. This happens frequently with the game from duties to fish to coins. Usually I get the items after rebooting

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I lost 5 blue dragons, along with the eggs and coins needed to obtain them.

I lost 15 dragons (1 star) and then a 2* purple.

It just happened again. This time I don’t know how many I lost. At first I couldn’t get into the hatchery. I left and came back and all was lost. Please try to fix this.

This time when I logged in, I had dragons back in the hatchery. Nice. I wonder where the others wondered off to.

Same issue here. I’ve noticed this started in the last couple of days. I’ve lost about 30+ dragons now. No record of hatch in dutys and no dragoons. Sent a support ticket.

my problem is same i got hatch 15 eggs quest so i put in 20 i go back from shopping 2 hours later. When i tap on the hatchery nothing happened just a game froze. so i force closed and after i see no egg in hatchery i check my quest didnt count any… ( i use iphone with ios 13.0 maybe game not full compatible with new ios version)

Dont try to speed up hatching either. It stole my runes and eggd when i tried to speed up hatching to complete the quest and avoid this bug.

I lost 70 eggs last night, threw in 70 more and tried to speed them up. Lost my runes and eggs again. Closed the game, opened it back up a bit later and my eggs had returned :woman_shrugging:t3:

Lost 4 dragons today. Game Frozen, couldnt open hatchery.started again and there were no dragons Hatched. Also not between my dragons

Hey Vikings, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to try and assist you further with this.