Lost Hybrids


I created two hybrids and now i cant find them please help


Do you remember what hybrids they were? Or show us pictures of your collected dinosaurs to see if they aren’t showing up?


Here is what I got


Most aren’t unlocked …? Are you talking about one you spotted that has disappeared? Just wondering what your talking about that’s missing?

Your new I would give it time before you see a lot of the Dino’s yet

DinoLord :+1:


Not wanting to make you sound stupid but are you certain you created them? Just adding DNA to them doesn’t officially create them until you get all the initial DNA needed


Yes I am new and still lurning but I did press the fuse button about a week ago and last night. I can’t remember what the hybrids were


The fuse button is only the start! You need 30 more to officially create Einosuchus! After you collect the initial amount you will see a green create button come up and the dinosaur will be in your list


So I need to fuse 30 diffrent dinos of the same type and then I can great the hybrid ?


No each hybrid has a minimum starting for example Einosuchus is 100. So you need to keep fusing Einosuchus ( einasurus and nundasuchus) and when you hit the 100 you have created it!


Every hybrid has this 0/150 or 0/250 or whatever it is

The second number is the minimum you need to create that particular hybrid! Each hybrid has its own 2 dinosaurs to combine to do one fusion! Each fusion can be anywhere from 10-100

If you get lucky you’re next fusion for Einosuchus could be 30 and you will get to create it!


If i understand correct,

When you fuse dinos, you get hybrid DNA at random amounts.

You then need to collect the required amount of DNA to create the hybrid


Exactly! You have it now!


Once you create one you keep doing the same thing only now to level them up!


I just learnt i did not loose my hybrid

Thanks for your help :grinning:


That is what the forum is for! Because sometimes the answer doesn’t have to come from Ludia it can come from other players!