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Lost Legion is recruiting!

We are currently 31 people in the alliance, if you want to join, just search the alliance search bar “Lost Legion”


  • Minimum level: 10
  • Complete total knockdowns in tournaments as a minimum
  • Use discord: optional
  • Activity: As much as possible
  • Minimum of cups: 3000
  • Assets in raids
  • 9/10 Weekly incubators
  • Level 8-9 in tournaments
  • Play pvp: optional
  • Donate to the alliance: In what you can

We are waiting for you with desire and illusions! More than an alliance, a great family

Anything do not forget to ask here :smiley:

what tournament incubator do you get?

We usually always get an incubator of 250 of unique DNA

ok can u save a spot for me i will join later today

no problem

Updated :slight_smile:

im only 2450 trophies soon to be 2500 could i still join

and i have raids unlocked normally i would be the attack tank with my rex lv 15 whith one speed boost

can you participate in tournaments?

no only in ss arcadia

one of our rules is to participate to be able to participate in tournaments :frowning:

im in ss arcadia too! but i can do tournaments…huh…strange

i sent join request my name is Epicdinosauria12

hey dinoboy could i freind you whats your player name

you can battle tournaments ??? you need to be in balands to do that but i do collect the rewards

This should answer your question…

This would mean that he’s been in Ss Arcadia for 7+ months. However this is totally possible and is probably the reason for it.


Maybe @anon28420136 has already unlocked Badlands. And some bad RNG pulled him back down to SS Arcadia.

Anyhows, you’re just 2 wins away to unlock Badlands. So not long before you’ll be there. Good luck to you… :+1:

oh…thanks :wink:

Your application has not arrived, sure it went to The lost Legion?

no, ive never been above ss arcadia