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Lost Legion looking for active players, super active raids and tournaments 3k trophies or higher

We are looking for active players to help us reach our goals easily very easy going and helpful players here to help you.
We ask you to join discord Lost Legion

Hello King I would like to join your Alliance I am active every day does a few battles every day and loves to do the Coin and boost tourny my record with cups is 5090 and yeah

And my name on discord is DragonWarrior290 and on game too

But do you get up to tier 9 on 5 week?

Yes easy tier 9 in 5 weeks

2 spots left please join our discord channel :point_up:t3: click on the link

We had an amazing week with 10/10 and top 60 in the tournament
We are looking to replace a few inactive players if anyone is interested Just join our discord channel

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