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Lost Legion looking for great active players 4K trophies πŸ†. We love to raid, come help us be #1

We are active players and we love raids.
Our alliance missions are 10/10
Tournament we are tier 8 / tier 9 in 5 week tournament.
Come help us be #1

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We have 2 spots open at the moment for active players

Have room for me? I’m active, at just over 4800 trophies this season.

Yes we do just hit that discord link and let’s get you I.

I did, but it says β€œInvite Invalid”

My i join ive been playing since 2018 and have 4560 something troopies looking for people to raid with as well :blush:

Hi @Marcus_The_Eliatrope are you very active and also did you do your tourney yet?

I have 4618 trophies am very active and do raids

Would you like my username

Hey can I join ur server for rads…

Can I join your clan I have 4618 trophies do well in tourney and do raids

Hello yes please enter the discord chatroom

@Marcus_The_Eliatrope can join our discord chatroom

It seems that you have blocked me

I haven’t blocked request to enter

What’s your in game