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Lost Legion looking to recruit players 3k trophies πŸ†, we are on discord too

We are an awesome alliance looking for members to join currently we have 4 openings, the only rules currently is to do the daily activities, arena battles and 10 kills in the tournament.
Last tournament we made tier 9 easily usually 9/10 alliance missions, and we love raids
3k trophies required

If there is a way I could apply,I would be intrested to join,i hav 3.4k cups and i mostsly do the daily incubators on the allliance misssions.I do always do my daily tasks.I also do have discord.
However,if picking for raids, i’m not quite ready for uniques.I also always do my 10 kills on the tournaments.

Hey buddy yes just apply the alliance is called lost legion

what is the discord,can you PM me it?

Good afternoon,

I am looking for a home for my alt account. It is currently 2.5k trophies. Been active on it for 2 weeks. Level 12 and can do unique raids depending on the strat. I handle tournaments well. My main account last season was 5.1k rated. Koka1144#3407 and Kokakona85#3915 (alt account). I perform well daily and active.

Hi @Koka1144 i can definitely add you if your alt account will reach 3k by the end of this tournament coming up

Will do. Thank you

This is our discord server for people who are interested in joining

This evening added another 200 trophies to the count. Should be 3k tomorrow evening

We are still interested in replacing a few members if anyone is interested in joining please click on the discord link