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Lost my 1 year and a half account, please help


I just lost my 1 and a half year account. How did this happen? Is there a possible way to get it back? My account name is Thomas#9228 and I also know my support key.

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How did it happen? Do you know?

I saw the standard ‘login’ screen and I pressed Guest(as that’s what my progress was on, somehow it created a brand new account instead). Utterly devastated by this, hopefully I’ll be able to get back my old account

@Indankraptor In the game get to your account page and Sign In with Apple/google or Facebook

I tried that and my 1 year old account is still gone. still shows me the tutorial instead of my old account.

Do you have your support key?

you should have reset game. happens to me all the time.

Finish the tutorial. Then it will let you go to settings and change your account through gamecenter or facebook. Happens with most games, so annoying.

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Keep trying it’s there. Happens on my kids iPad from time to time


I have. My old account is still in my alliance so it’s not deleted. I’ve sent Ned a PM with my in game tag and Support Key, though he hasn’t replied yet

@Ned any ideas on how to get my Guest Account back? I pressed Guest and it sent me to the tutorial.

But, why do you insist on playing on a guest account.

On the long run, it usually has problems.


Unfortunately we aren’t born knowing everything… so you have learned one more thing today!

Happens to me all the time. My game keeps asking me to sign in with Facebook and it goes to my Facebook business account. I finish the tutorial and then close the app. When it restarts it asks to switch to my old account. I hit switch and then it back!

P.S. I reported it to Ludia and still no reply after 3 weeks!

got the same since yesterday :roll_eyes:
when I delete and reinstall the game the automatic login with gamecenter works.
… pretty annoying … :face_vomiting: