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Lost my 10-fight incubator

Two times that I had an incubator from doing 10 fights in a row I didn’t collect right then and there instead I went into tournaments, when I get out of the tournament my incubator was gone! It was frustrating as I was not allowed to get 10 more that day so I lost out. It did that twice to me once on this tournament and once on the last. Overall this is my favorite game ever! I spend a lot of time darting dinosaurs upgrading my Dino Pets… sometimes I sho wish I could get more coin from different things such as incubators so I could up grade more of my dino’s. I have 84 that need to be upgraded route now and it’ll take four ever just to upgrade more than one or 2. Over all great game

What level

That would be helpful :grinning:

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Hey, @bella_loves_ben. If you haven’t already, please reach out to support at so they can take a closer look. Don’t forget to include your support key in the message. Thank you!


I think I was 16 or 17 then now I’m stuck maxed out at level 20. Can’t get enough of certain dinosaurs to upgrade them to level 24 so I can continue on my campaign, stuck at I think 73? Something like that. The first one that you need one of your dinosaurs :sauropod: at a lvl 24.
This is my favorite game! So it’s a Lil frustrating. Sorry it took so long to get bk to your txt. Been really busy with my kids😊. And it’s not the easiest thing to get your coin high enough to being up other dinosaurs when your trying to get up your highest to get one leveled up enough to contour the campaign. But I guess it could be worse, if you like my husband and still be at level 15! And we started at the same exact time. It’s almost like I hate him or something he complains about it all the time unfortunately he’s the only one in my Alliance that really helps by donating and by feeding the dinosaurs also help me complete the daily tasks weekly tasks Etc. It stinks that he can’t get ahead. He keeps threatening to delete the game it stinks cuz he really is the only one that helps