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Lost my account, due to replace save


When i tryed link facebook to my JWA account, it asked me if i want to replace the save on my google play with some lvl 2 which i dont know ever played. Sudenly i misunderstood replace save and i lost my level 17 JWA account and now i have lvl 2.

I have my old support key and i hope, there is chance to link back my google play and level 17 JWA account back together, i spent some money and half year of time on it and have VIP membership. I really dont want to start new game… I already wrote on the support, so i hope for answer soon, before i will lost all good new stuff game now


I’m sorry to hear that happened with your game @David_Franke. If you had already written into our support team, our team would try their best to assist you in getting your account back. Once they review your ticket and have more information, our team will get back to you ASAP.

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I am little bit nervous because of great events in game now and i am without my profile :confused: I hope i will not miss all of the St. patricks day events.


I understand, and I hope our team will be able to get you back into the game soon as well.


I dont know what is happening, but two times i wrote the ticket in game and two times after 2 days conversation was closed without any answer…


Hey David_Franke, could you send me a private message of the email address you used to contact our team so I can take a look for you? Thanks!