Lost my account please help

So I went for a walk earlier and switched accounts on my phone from my google play account to my facebook account. Did the strike towers as normal and switched back to my google play account and my Facebook account came up.

Tried loads of times and just can’t get my Google play account. My facebook one seems to be on both

Please help as it’s my main account that’s disappeared

Hey Schtemty, if you go into the in-game settings and tap on the Facebook option, you should be able to disconnect from it. Could you let me know if that works?

I tried that and as it stands I’m logged into the game on google play but ts the Facebook account on google play

Hmm, that is strange. Could I ask you to contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com so they can take a closer look at this? Please make sure to include the support key from both games in your email.


I think when the in game message came up about switching accounts I inadvertently switched my google play account to my Facebook one and now the google play account one has gone?

I’m aware it’s the weekend now and I may not get a response from support so I’m just hoping someone may be able to help