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Lost my Android phone, other ways to play?

Long story short, lost my Android phone while biking to work.

Is there any way to play this game with my account on an iPhone or maybe my laptop? Don’t want to lose out on strike towers, daily missions, etc. Don’t have the funds to currently replace my phone :frowning:

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If you connected you account to facebook, you should be able to log into it from an iphone/ ipad through that. If you’re borrowing a phone from someone that already has an account, just be wary of overwriting the account.
If it’s a fresh app ( as in no account and/ or newly downloaded) once you get through the tutorial, you can connect to facebook and overwrite the guest account with your main by logging in with facebook. It should show the account you are currently on to be replaced with your main account. always double check that just incase.

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Only linked through google play

Can a mod or dev respond @J.C @Jason @Marek ?

I am super bummed.

You would need to write into support.

Do you know your old support key? That would make it easier but I can’t promise support will be able to transfer the accounts.

If you have linked to Google play you can play on any other device where you can log onto Google play. No apple products tho. Me and my son do it with his account. It’s on his phone, my phone, and my wifes phone. That way I can keep an eye on it and he can play at home on wifi on his or while we are out on hers

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