Lost my cash

Dear GM, i top up 3 times (500 cash x 3) my cc success noticed by email but in game my cash not increase… i want top up again for this event but im afraid im gonna loss too

Hey Reza_Gedak, could you restart your game and see if you’re able to receive the in-game Cash you purchased?

If you’re still having issues after restarting, please reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, and a screenshot of your app store receipt, our team would be happy to take a look and sort this out for you.


Hi Ned,

I had the same issue. When I tried to email at the address you have listen, it says it’s not a valid email address. I’ll try again though.

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Hello Ned
same happens to me.
I sent an e-mail to the Support-Team within Pictures from my Google-Playstore receipts a few days ago, but I haven’t got an answer or the Game-Cash yet.
So I’m not sure my E-mail arrived.

Hello Ned:
earlier on today i went to purchase a jurassic park 3 incubator ( the one that is currently available in the game shop for $7.99c ) i went through all the purchase instructions and followed them but when it came time for the game to give me my JP3 incubator i never received it at all why i dont know??
the area marked in yellow is the transaction showing the funds that were taken from my account at the time of purchase as proof that i have made the transaction to purchase the incubator mentioned above. could i please be issued with the incubator that i purchased as soon as possible thanks.
The areas in the picture that are blanked out are for security reasons which you would understand as they pertain to personal information that i do not wish to divulge over the internet.
kind regards

That’s really strange, @EmoGiggles. If you’re still having trouble contacting our team through email, our support team can also be reached through the in-game menu by tapping on your “Player Level” icon > Settings > Help & Info > Help & Support > and Contact Us.

I hope that helps!

Hey Luna, could you send me a private message on the forums of the email address you used to contact our support team? I would be happy to help you check if our team has received it. Thanks!

Hey JoeVolcano27, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received the Incubator you purchased in the game. If you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team through the email address provided above, or through the in-game support?

Our team would be happy to help you and correct this. Thanks!