Lost my lvl 75 and in game support sucks

Lost my lvl 75 VIP acct and in game support has not gotten back to me. More than 24hours. Very frustrating paying for a VIP account I cannot access

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A reply from support can take a while, give them one or two more days. I know this sucks.

Paying for an account I can’t reach support for when I lose it all together is rediculous.

I know, I had this once too. I can only suggest to be patient.

Thanks for your quick responses. Did you get compensated? The money comes out of my account every month on time so not being able to access my content without warning for now over a day is an issue for me lol

To log in and have to do the tutorial and get stuck with a lvl 2 game is unacceptable

I was out of the game for nearly two weeks half a year ago. Since it was not clear whose fault it was, it could have been Amazon’s playstore, I did not ask for a compensation.
Sometimes I had other issues like disappearing dinos or no rewards for completed events. In these cases I got some kind of compensation depending on how big my issue was.

Support will usually take three - five business days to get to you, unfortunately. The good news is if there is a way to fix it they are usually good about doing so. Did your issue happen with the latest update or is it non related? Just curious.

I’m not sure. I have never had an issue clicking on the icon and getting right back into my game. Last nogjt I clicked on the icon it asked me to log in with Facebook or continue as guest (from time to time it does that) I logged in with Facebook and the whole thing went down the tubes. I haven’t updated my phone at all since my last log in. I have the app on auto update so it may have but like I said I’m not sure.

Try updating to the newest version. Also, try clearing your cache

Still no response from the support team… this is unnacceptable. 5days for help???

It usually takes 5 business days, and Thursday and Friday were holidays for most people in the States